Movie [Casual]

Long Cardigan-Asos
Leggings - F21
Boots -DSW
Long sleeve Black shirt- ???
 Bracelet and Necklace - H&M

i went to the movies with my bff and threw on something real quick. I got to wear the boots in the previous Post.

  I have a surprise coming soon... my Twenty Sexy Bday pics . I have a few cute Outfits I wore.

<3 M

"keep a small circle of friends... Dont roll with different crews"


  1. OMG Im soooooo jealous!
    SO many shoes,......Lovee it sooo much! I want this shoe cabinet

  2. cant believe those boots are from DSW! AMMMAZING!

  3. @lumedisco- Thank you Im looking to add yours to it :)

    @andee heres a link i found they are cheaper online then the store but under $100 :)

  4. I love the outfit. the necklaces are sooo pretty & that is a cardigan I wish I owned :)


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