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Surprise after the jump...

You might have guessed it.... VIDEO!!!!  I have decided to show video as well as pics on my outfits/streetstyle.  I have always loved how ASOS and 6pm showed videos of product. I was always able to see how it flowed. Also i love to see OTTD from Youtube gurus (Flowerpush had some) so that is how my idea popped up.  Any who,  I hope to remember to at least do one or the other before going out and about.  This outfit was when I went to brunch with my BFF (I post a lot with her ... love that chick) at Lauriol Plaza at Dupont Circle. Great food yuuum. I do hope you like. Thanks for viewing :) Details below.

Black slub sweater
Jewelry -Thrifted
Scarf H& M
Purse Thrifted
Beige Blazer -Thrifted (1 yr ago finally wore it)
Shoes -Charlotte Russe (3 years ago) great find
Black moto leggings
Elbow length Gloves - UO (So happy I found these COTTDS inspired me)

Thanks Again- M


  1. great blazer! and thanks SOO much for your tweet haha...:D big smile on my face.

    your classy!


  2. You look great! And the gloves are fantastic! =] XX

  3. Killer heels! As your hair, love it!
    haha thanks for the tweet babe!!!!


  4. I'm in love with those heels, they are amazing..x

  5. Like your shoes!! And you have a great style I see from scrolling through your blog!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  6. Ohhh wow you look freaking awesome babes love your style x

  7. Love your outfit! your scarf is so nice xxx

  8. You look so chic! I love this!


  9. Thank you everyone for the great response.. follow me on twitter I try to that everyone from there as well as answer questions :)

  10. :) :) :) Great outfit! ]]


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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