New / 1st Summer 2011 [Purchases]

I went on a sale haul... Few of some stores sent me emails I couldn't resist. I have been eyeing some ring armor from asos and happy I got this.

I have been looking for chucks(Wore theme back in High school ..Im a cali girl it is a cali staple) but they used to be like $20 and out here they are like $50. Though I would spend $50+ on anything, the frugal in me  won't let me  so when these were on sale i got em. They also help set me apart from the typical black chucks(I want to be slightly different). 

The drape blue hem will be a great summer dress. I mean i couldn't refuse.

Check out theses stores for the sales going on now :)

Drape Hem Blue dressed
Hinged Ring
Aladdin Beach pants -(for MIAMI)
Lo Chucks Taylors-OX 

Thanks - M


  1. Great purchases, honey!Love the Aladdin Beach pants!Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!xoxo

  2. Love the ring and all star x

  3. Nice selectionnnnn I <3 THE RING


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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