Dante Tyler[ Disney] Vogue....

Super Fetch...[MeanGirlsQUOTE]

I saw this on my sisters Tumbler.(http://istabheartswithstilletoes.tumblr.com/)  So I had to find the Artist.I love the art work Dante does. He has an Admirer for life. I can see this art hanging in my room or even in my sister and I's living room.
 So I decided I need to get another post day in...because I find my self thinking of new things and outfits to blog. But I just don't want to bore you guys lol. Let me know what you guys like to see. I will do mainly /(Weekly) outfit post but I will do others as well.  Reviews and such I can do as well.
Any who

 Which one is your favorite? Jasmine has been my favorite princess for ever but I am loving Pocohontas cover too.

Outfit post tomorrow,


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