fly away [vacation] & giveaway news

i am sitting at the airport blogging lol. im going away with a beau and  what better way to kill a delayed flight the the September issues;-) though they are cancelling flights left and right, this instyle is keeping a smile on my face.

since i am going on vacay Sunday post will be delayed. i am going to try to post it but monday or tuesday just know one will come. note i will have a collective of vacay post as well :)

now give away info

so i want to do a give away. if i get 20k views or 100followers via google. i will do a giveaway. so tell your friends and be sure to follow....

have a great weekend guys,



  1. Told you that Instyle should make everyone happy right about now.. have a fabulous time

  2. Where u going? have a nice holiday!

  3. @b style yes you did.. ITS AMAZinnng for sure

    @larissa heeey.. im at myrtle beach in South carolina :)


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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