20K VIEWS!!![Summer Recap]

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Thank you SOOOOOOO MUUUUCH!!!!! I have more than 20k Views. I appreciate all the people that follow me on Bloglovin,Chictopia,Google/Blogger and Email. 
Monday I am going shopping for the GIVEAWAY. I plan to start the giveaway Tuesday so stayed tune.

Now to the post. I just did a summer recap of some of the outfits I wore. I would like to know if you have your own blog and your own favorite outfit. Leave your blog link to the outfit you like and I will be sure to check it out. I also have my  pictures numbered you can put which was your fav outfit of mine? My fav was 5 and 6. :) I want to know my fan base a little more and see all you fashion mavens.

Look forward to seeing more of your links and 
THANK YOU again!!!! :)



  1. Congratulations,honey!You deserve it!

  2. i like that pink bodycon,striped blazer and the orange skirt...:)

  3. I like all the looks, but my faves are 1 and 6

  4. all of the looks are FAB.. but look 6.. oooh guurrrrrrllllllll!! lol..minimal yet CHIC and soOO fierce at the same time ! :)

  5. Congrats hun...thats a great achievement...you have a great blog:)



Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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