The [Dine]...

 (When we sat at the bar waiting for everyone )

 (Mehka checking out the menu)
 (Adrienne and  I )
(They had live dancers)
( Beautiful Design)
 (Lobster Sliders yuum)
 (Jackies Lamb and Crepes)
(Filet Mignon it was Deliciiiious )
 (The outfit.. Shown in This Post)
 (The ladies)
 We had a GREAT night. NO BOYS! lol. We had dinner at SAX DC the sister of the place SE( where I I had my bday dinner). Though pricer the food was good and we all had a blast :) 

Happy Halloween I was Rihanna(Post coming soon)

Question- What were / are you for Halloween and do you have a post?

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  1. Beautiful pictures,hon!Love your look!

  2. I was thinking of having my bday dinner at SAX last month. But after reading your review, I'm definitely going to make my way there pretty darn soon.


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