Bloggers Night OUT [Better] late than never


Don't KILL ME in my defense I have been really enjoying my Family and I know I had to post this. I Will try to post one more this week but with my blogger meetup and going to LA to see fam no promises. BUT I can promise I will be  posting alot when I get back from this trip. Believe it or not my MOM LOVES my blog and shes all for taking my pics :). 
Here Are the pics from Bloggers night out. I Had a great time with my BFF and my new Blogger buddys as well as meeting new ones. Thats why I love these events so much.

AnyWho I will write what I wore after the Amazing ClusterF of pics I took.( Yes its a bad word but I had no better word to describe the amount of fab pics I have posted.
Lovely DC Bloggers Featured are

(Free Hands Rep... AWESOME PRODUCT)

 (Megan did the cupcakes yum !!!)

 (The lovely people at Style Book App)
(The BFF)

(The lovely Chicas at Spicy Candy  DC and  I <3 them and the blog)

 (Designer of Love Cortnie ..Beautiful Clutches)

When in Bloomies Shopping is a MUST!

"Its All In the Details dear Watson" (Sherlock Holmes"

 (BFF watch)
 (My ARM ARMOR lol)

( Yeah I was hungry totally forgot to take a before .. I CAN however recommend Capitol Grille)

(Great Pic Viceasif Shot)
Clutch-F21 3 years ago
Leggings- Romeo and Juliet Couture 2 years ago
Blouse- My go to Vintage Thrifted Blouse
Jewelry- Cuff H&M, Spike Bracelet F21, Stud Black bracelet Icing? 4 years ago
Boots- No named Boots
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  1. Great recap...i need more info about your awesome manicure in this post! Did you do it youself? Its great!

  2. You looked beautiful i love the blogger events you go to wish i was there :( x

  3. you look GORGE!!!!!!

  4. You got some really good pics! Definitely a good time.


  5. Aww so cute & I agree better late than never!!

  6. love the pieces your wore. looks like a fun night :)

  7. I loved your outfit, you looked stunning! xoxo

  8. Great pictures! I'll definitely hit up Capitol Grille one of these days.

    Hope to see ya soon! :o)

  9. Thank you ladies :). Bre. I did my nails :)

  10. It looks like wonderful times were had by everyone! I wish such networks were available in the city that I reside. It would totally make things more interesting and helpful to have those networks. Have a wonderful day!



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