Major [Trend] Alert and Giveaway

1ST THANK YOU ALL for Following ,Continuing to stop by , and Commenting my blog. You guys have really helped my blog grow in the last year and I just made 50k views. To show my appreciation I have decided to team up with Felicia at Eclectic Stylez  this giveaway.  I will explian more  about the give away at the end of the post.

Neon is a trend I have been eyeing for the last few years. I have always wore and loved BRIGHT nail polish but never quiet made it fully to clothes. You know I love Black and I had the "famous" stripe blazer neon skirt and bandeau top last summer but I never fully converted more than that. Last spring the neon purse clutch and nails went full force in Europe and now the US has finally caught on (as a main stream). I love how neon can add a edgey chic pop of color to any outfit. Ive seen a lot of style mavens, celebs and designers incorporating the pop of Neon in Accessories. Though I tend to not follow every trend to the "T "I  definitely am excited to see this more on me and others this year. So whether its Shoes, Purses, Nails or Jewelry I welcome this trend with open Arms ;)

Now to the Give Away

Felicia at Eclectic Styles is a  Fashion entrepreneur that has a Urban Street Style social network , Tumblr and Esty Jewelry shop  and  we have teamed up for this giveaway.  I personally love her Esty because the jewelry is a range of edgy chic rings, glasses,bracelets,necklaces and more. She has a chain line and you know I LOVE chains and makes them wearable so you don't look  like a 16 year old emo/goth kid lol.

Felicia has provided a pair of Oversized Neon Earrings from her upcoming spring/summer collection. This means they are not yet available for purchase yet and if you win YOU ARE THE 1ST to have them.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below.
1.Leave blog in comment box
2. Follow Felicia twitter 
3. Tweet about the giveaway.

RaffleCopter has approved me to use their widget so all you have to do is click each button below and it makes it simple. :)

Also each button enters you more than once and you can enter each day of the contest so those beauties can be yours.


Goodluck Mavens and Thank you Thank you Thank you For supporting me!!!!

(Pictures that are not earrings are not mine they are courtesy of and Alexandra Black)


  1. love these....and loving neon for winter right now....i totally have the neon yellow polish in the top picture... {of course i do right!?} ha! love the giveaway!!

  2. I'm all about neon colors in the winter. So excited for this giveaway. I may be able to get away with the bag at work too :)

  3. I LOOVE neon I did a post about it a little bit ago, it's so fun!! & OMGGG the eggs benedict there are soo good I literally scraped the plate lol. Those earrings are too cute I'm abt to go tweet haha :)

  4. Those are hotttt!!! I love hoops period but the neon just takes it all the way!! Great giveaway!!

  5. OMGAH! These are awesome!

    -------------- I'm now a GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY 21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    --- Nicole

  6. You're going to make me get a Twitter account just to get these! I love them - the color is great! Also, thanks for the lovely comment you left; I've posted more if you're interested...

  7. I love the neon bag & the earrings!

  8. Love these sooo much!!!!


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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