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So.... I was listening to one of my favorite artist (I have been on for a year or so ) Jhene Aiko and her song "You vs Them " came on my iTunes and it had me thinking about Love lifes. Now you know I don't get to personal on my blog and I still am not... Most of you also know I started this blog after the ending of my relationship a few years back. Also that my Titles are mostly love song lyrics or Love related Song it shouldn't be a shock I am very into Love and the "Science of Love" So I felt I can brush on this.... Anywho, the words in this song

"Cuz if I never had you , then I can never lose you. Do you know what might happen... if I decide to choose you"
Had me thinking about that battle to be single or to be in a relationship. This song is about the Risk,the Chase, the Catch, the Outcome and the Aftermath. That line is definitely about the Risk. I relate to that line because I tend to struggle at that part. 
The rest of the song touches one the other parts of the battle.Though I am not going through this stuff right now, It really just made me think. Would you stay in a relationship if your friends and family didn't approve? I always felt that when I am a relationship its Us against the world for sure. Knowing this I do take relationships very seriously and I take my time to know that "You are my world". (lyrics to the song lol) Listen to it HERE

Now to the  post lol. I went to Lunch with my Friend Kevan. Haven't seen him in a few months and we got to catch up. We went to Tsunami in DC. It was my first time and I can say it is  a GREAT sushi restaurant. As far as the outfit, It was only lunch so I didn't really go all out on it. Just kept it simple. Hope you enjoy the pics. 

(Think this is my new fav pose lol)


(Love the Zips on the jean I had these for 6 years)

Knit Top- H&M
Vintage Style Guess Jeans- 6yrs ago Rugged Warehouse steal
Shoes- Fendi
Blazer-Melrose store in Cali (Can't remember name)
Watch-Kenneth Cole
Bracelets- H&M



  1. <3 this song, super cute shoes


  2. Very cute and great advice to ponder re: love!

  3. I love this outfit, you look great <3

  4. These videos are my fav part of your posts!

  5. - Great outfit <3

    xo Mo :)

  6. Thank You Ladies!!! The esocialite.. I need to start filming them more. I just take everything myself and i'm usually running out the door and have no time too... that and im lazy to edit lol



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