Insta-maj [the one] you used to know...

Just a few pics from my personal instagram " I've instagramed"in the last month.


I know I know I know...everyone has been doing the instagram blog post especially since andriod has gotten it :) . I am late in the game because I have a personal instagram not a blog one . I prefer to keep my instagram and blog separate because it's not much of a fashion related account. But I wanted to share a bit of things I posted because of lack of my posting. However, If you do want to see random fashion pics, be sure to subscribe to my pose by going to widgets/follow me tab on the left side in the yellow box. Pose is more of a fashion instagram which I love and use it for !!!!! Any who I I've been on a break job and I am starting classes this coming up week as well as going on a weekend trip to Miami with friends. Hope your Friday is going well guys enjoy. :)

Art show snaps I went to.
Life imitating Art

life imitating art....

Scary hawk I came home to.. They she was looking to be a roommate
Greek omelette I made. Smoke salmon spinach mushrooms and feta
Art ...a friendlier looking bird lol
Cheffin ... Tortellini I made

black heart club...

dc bloggers in the crowd

Thrifted finds

The space shuttle

rarest rose.... Not really but pretty.
Newest in the shoe swank collection ... Lucite lanvins

What I'm doing for my Miami... It really work. Saw changes in a week

This was on a dress form at the show

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  1. I'm going to Miami in a month. I need to do that abs workout!

    btw it was great seeing you at Barcode on Saturday! :)

  2. That art show looks like it was good! And that hawk is seriously creepy lol

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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