Maaaaan Chris' beat rhi rhi Again!!!! (In new singles)

Man you can hate or not follow me on twitter...not read the blog... but I said it. THIS SONG IS HARDER THEN RHIANNA'S RUSSIAN ROULETTE! This video is what I woke up too. I'm amazed I personally thought it was going to suck.All that "I'm sorry" shit songs floating around the internet. But Chris is a all around performer as Rhianna is made into a model/urban rock star. Don't get me wrong I bang some rehab,Cry,Unfaithful,and others. BUT i feel her ppl made her milked the victim role by using the atten from paps as a time to floss designer thigh high boots in the summertime with mini skirt in the daytime,SORRY that's clearly club wear and clearly advertising for the designer aka she got paid.She definitely could've been "seen" in her thigh highs helping at a domestic abuse shelter. She didn't even need to do a commercial or put her business out there. I mean to me that hides guilt because she knows she has and did some foul things to Chris(FACT my friend works at Chris' lawyers firm saw his files).BUT OFF THAT ON TO THE NEXT.... Get your money though but to me she could've used it for better vocals and dance lessons to turn her into a black britney aka performer. That will guarantee her staying power.I mean I'm hoping for a better 2nd single and maybe her video will go tough we will but for now CHRIS' BEAT THAT ASS AGAIN lma0 - WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO???

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  1. why was tyrese in the video? lol thats the only question/comeback i got hahahaha


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