Ooo0h Baby that's music to my Ears POW!

My First music post (with links).. heres some hotness that Enjoy! Let me know what songs you like:)

Trey Songz ft Juelz Santana, Fabolous - Say Aah (remix) | Audio | Rap Basement
"Go girl its yo birthday!!!"

Wale ft Colin Munroe - Bittersweet | Audio | Rap Basement

Drake - Say Something (Long Snippet) | Audio | Rap Basement
"This shit was all I knew... you and me only I did it all for you but still you were lonely ...Its so funny how someone elses success brings pain... you couldve had it all"

Mario ft. Rihanna - Emergency Room | Audio | Rap Basement
"After 3 years girl let it go...accusing me of shit you dont know"** its a oldone but mario hot so...

Wale ft Rihanna - Contemplate (DJ) | Audio | Rap Basement
"what you up to more club moves..that cell phone that bought prob filled with some other nigga numbers...feels good to be over you babe play this song while you contemplate"

download links there... (im not getting caught up with the record companies psssh)


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