Android Closet [App]

(part of my closet/a second area where I store clothes)

My sister told me about this closet app for her iphone. I have been a Android fan since the beg.[ G1 status]. So I was thinking hey maybe I should download one because I hate it when your shopping and wonder if you have something to go with what you want to buy. Or you are bored try on clothes and then feel like oooh i'm going to wear this when I go out/eat/date. Then that time comes and you forget and say"UGH I have nothing to wear!!!". LOL I know i'm not the only one. The tags on my clothes prove i need help. 
Sooo.... this app it can show you when you wore it last.  My question is who has one. I am going to google and see what is recommended.. Just thought I'd post

<3 M


  1. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. I wissshhhhh i had this much closet space.You lucky gurl x


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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