Out and [About]-The Ambitious Girl

(Senor Peru. Peruvian food yuuum)

(The Bestie and photographer for this "shoot" lol)

(Men' s Rolex watch [ It was a thrifting steal] and Steve Madden boots)

Leather Blazer- i HEART Ronson 
Jean Shorts- Earnest Sewn
Thrifted -bag
H&M ,Thrifted, D.I.Y- Jewelry
DSW- Boots
Thrifted- Shirt
Random- Bamboo Tights
Random- Leg warmers

Had a great afternoon yesterday. I was Vday shopping with the Bff. It wasn't to cold hence the Light jacket and shorts with tights. It got windy when we were finished(thank god bc I hate cold). We found a new restaurant... My favorite thing to do is feed the inner fat girl. I had a great shopping trip... I will post the things I bought in another post.

<3 M

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