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"Rush in the night like a shockwave wouldn’t be bad"

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I went out to a party this past weekend with the sister. She looked great to. I was scrambling to find something to wear so I through this together. I have decided that I only wear the same shoes lol. If you look at my past post you can see I have a bunch but I guess these are my staples,Any who I had a great weekend and have a bunch of pics(at least 2 more post of outfits). I will get them u Tues or Weds. :)

Skirt- American Apparel tube top
Black Silk drape shirt- Thrifted
Vintage Belt
Necklace old wallet chain
Clutch - Wholesale
Shoes- Charlotte Russe Years ago

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  1. LOVE LOVE your style! Its great how you are versatile with items too (tube as skirt). #Inspiration

  2. Amazing outfit, you look beautiful!!!

  3. I stumbled thru your blog on chictopia wow I love your blog it's great and your style amazing you're gorgeous honey new follower please stop by hopefully we can follower each other



  4. you look amazing girl,am hooked!


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