With me [you] had better....

I know your boys have told you that lately.... Click for more pics

Silk blue grey blouse- Thrifted
H&M and Thrift Jewelry
Thrifted -Belt
Skirt- Repeat from 25th bday Korean Vendor

Soooo... I have been moving, changing jobs, and sick. I am actually sick now typing this. I was also sick in this pic lol. I went out last night in this outfit and got even sicker. My little sister is going to law school here now so we moved in together. I find myself trying to show her the town and I think my body is just tired. Pics aren't really showing my face but I wasn't feeling good lol. I had a fun time with the sis and I am glad she is here. Any who SORRY again for not posting. I have gotten alot of followers off my colorblock and then I left ... SORRY!!! I will try to post more now that my sis can also be a photographer :)  N-E Who 
Thank you for looking



  1. I Love your outfit specially the shoes hun.. and your legs wow


  2. gorgeous love your blog
    we follow ?!


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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