A Few Summer [ Purchases]...

(Goodies arrived)

LOVE EM'  4-5 Inches

Chunky to slim heel

Ankle straps(My small arch and Heel slips out of Heels straps are coming back and i'm not complaining)

[Orange Zara Court Pumps]

[Steve Madden Becomming Pumps ]

[Dollhouse Lola]

I am super excited about these purchases.. I had to share them with you. They are a collective of different shopping trips. P.s Zara is having a sale and THEY ARE DOING ONLINE US SHIPPING STARTING SEPT 7 FASHION WEEK!!!!! Finally I can get the latest style like my European blog friends. If I find the asymmetrical court pump still around I will be a happy camper.

I have also decided to post more structured. I haven't decided on Day(s) but I will try min of once a week though I'd like to do 2 times. With work and life I don't always have a time to post but Im going to try harder.
Also SAD NEWS My camera is dying :( That explains most of the blurry pics... It is over worked and about to slow down post.. So if you have Camera suggestions (or selling one) please let me know :) 

Thank You for looking,



  1. love the steve madden ones I want them im afraid they will make me super tall im 5'6 1/2.

  2. @Ming Thanks :) I <3 them

    @Brittany - Your not to tall. My bff and good friend are 5'9 and both where 5 to 6 inch. As long as your outfit is noice and girly you won't look bad at all.. the taller the heel the better to go.

  3. then im going to get them im always so nerves about wearing 5 inches cause I dont want to towring ovwer my fiance he is 5'8 but he told me he loves it its just people always make a big deal over it like im a giant with him or something.

  4. @ Brittany , Wow too many typos in my comment lol.(Thats what I get trying to sneak it in at work -__-) Yes you will look like a model. I think the taller the heels the better. You will look Fabulous. Do you have a Blog ?

  5. No I don't have one but I need to create one cause I love fashion went to college for fashion and not doing a think to get my love out.I guess I should do less worrying about what other think and if my man loves it then its all good just hate when all my friends are so short and im the tall drink of water lol

  6. I'm salivating over your shoes over here.... My have is the Zara Court pump. I really want to take a trip to NYC so I can pick up one of their bright blazers.

  7. @latoya ... zara.com will have online shopping for the us on sept 7th... you wont have to worry about nyc .. well worry about hitting zara in nyc hehe #sproshopping hehe

  8. AWWWW thank u soo much!! We are new at this so we hoped you enjoyed! Yes please follow us back please your page is BOMB!! Thanks



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