Birthday[Part] Deux


Yum :)
 My Big lil Sister lol

Finally :) My part 2 of my Bday outfit and the sneak peek worn what you are thinking right lol.  Here is the night of my bday outfit. I had a table at a club and had a great time.  My fav about this outfit is the shoes . I love the shoes because they give me the "Dany" chunky feel without having to wear the Dany. Everyone has them even though they are cute I have always wanted to be slightly different. I  wanted to wear this Tunic I spotted on LABLOG. I found it at Zara and had them hold it.. Tried it on and it look like PJ's on me :( . I am not a wear it still because I like it on the hanger /on another person/its "IN" .I know what I can wear . I am a huge advocate of following your body shape and size and not the trend. Soooo... I was like Dang it I need to find something asap I need to find new shoes I need to etc etc... 
Since I was at zara already I decided to just  just look around. I am telling you I haven't psychically shopped in a while. I am a huge Online" deliver to your door make it feel like Xmas" shopper. Lol  I ended up finding this Top and Skirt. So I am wearing a "faux" leather skirt and a metallic black sweater. Both with I think you will be seeing some more of this fall/ winter. This black faux leather kirt made me dig out this Real Italian leather white skirt I found thrifting  2 3 years ago. I just haven't worn it. I have a vest I reaaally want to wear with it now. Any who that's a future post I hope you enjoyed... 
 Skirt,Top- Zara
Shoes-Wild Pair
Jewelry- Various h&m and old from the stash
Clutch- Wholesale Dress

If you had your bday this year and posted it. Link your post in the comment box. 

I think I am going to start featuring my "comment'ers" (not a word) when doing my post I will ask to link a post and I will post you as the look I like best. It can bring exposure to your blog and is my way of thanking you :)


  1. You look really pretty I love the simple elegance of this look

  2. wow! perfect outfit! so lovely

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. Beautiful ensemble! I love it!

  4. Hey there... one of my readers recently told me about another "fab" DC blogger and lo and behold its you!! I love your layout and your outfits are still super cute. Happy Belated Bday also.
    Just wanted to say welcome to the blogosphere (even though you started yours way before me) and keep on truckin :)
    Have a good one!!!!

  5. You look gorgeous!!
    Love your skirt! :)


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