POSE [App].. OMG Must Have

  I discovered this app from an email from IFB. I see it was an Iphone app for almost a year and last Friday came out as a Android App! Well....I AM IN LOVE! Its like Twitter for fashion. You can also look at it as an online platform as well. (pose.com)

Take a look at the few screenshots You can tumble, tweet and facebook your post. Excellent way to give your readers a sneak preview of a post. I Really love this because they encourage shopping finds... I love this when I have my Thrifting finds I can post immediately.  INSTANT POSTS!  I have tweeted a few to see what that looks like. 
I hope you enjoy my new addiction :)

  (All Shots are from my phone )
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Thanks for reading 
Enjoy :)


  1. I have it but I haven't take time to used it too busy with instagram, I will check it out :).

  2. cool app, i have an android too. very excited to d/l it!


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