La [Blogger] Meetup Pics Part 1

This is the First Half of My Bloggers Meetup I had in my home state of Southern California. A few of us went shopping on Melrose before going to Toast. Just wanted to do another mini post of pictures. I will post the Dinner Pics in the next few days :)

I also want to thank EVERYONE who entered my giveaway with Felicia. I will Announce the winner on Friday so Stay Tuned :)

 My Aunts Street.. Lots of movies have actually been filmed here.

 Everything was 50% off here AMAZING My sister scored a Cashmere sweater and Vest

 After  Xmas Melrose Sales were vicious and SN: that ladies face is priceless
 You know I love any arm candy I definitely bought some lol

 Cheese right before dinner

Love this! It said " Your are Beautiful"

Happy Martin Luther King Day Guys


  1. Great pictures.. The nikon? I know you guys had a blast.. your hair is soo cute in the top bun..I always love a top bun...

    -xoxo Maya

  2. You look great i loveee the red jeans and sunnies.. well jealous you go to soo many blogger's meet up.. cant wait for the full post x

  3. Great pics, love your hair n a bun!

  4. So jealous that weather looks so inviting!! All those accessories look awesome I wish we had more shopping options here for cheap accessories haha

  5. beautiful pictures cant wait to see the rest!

  6. Thank you ladies :)...
    @PichRoor If you go to Cali .. Melrose has GREAT deals
    @Lolita I know there are a bunch of english bloggers to meet up with you should do a dinner lunch or shopping trip. I would come if I lived there. Your Amazing :)

  7. Great pics; it only increases my desire to visit LA!:-)

  8. Great pics; they only increase my desire to visit LALA land!

  9. With the weather so nice, our meet up tonight may look similar :/ looks like fun!

    xo Victoria


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