Atlanta[Wanna]Dance w/Somebody *Pic Heavy*

  Here is the Conclusion to my Atlanta Trip. This is the Shopping outfit that I wore when I Went to Atlantic Station to shop.  I want to say I LOVE THESE SHOES. I need to get them in black. They are the perfect dressy or casual shoe that can spice up an outfit without making it look like you are trying to hard(Or at least it is what I think). It was a cold windy day I ended up pairing this outfit with a leather jacket and black scarf. I must say this shopping weekend trip was a success. I found this wool leather coat with leather sleeves from H &M that I have been LOOKING for for 2 years!!! I saw a Euro blogger with it and then at my blogger meet up in LA I saw Tosha had it too. I will post my buys. Any who Hope you enjoy my post and Happy Presidents day.



My [Buddy]  came to visit ...

 My Friend B... She just had a baby and looks great !!!Her boots were a steal

Necklace -F21
Shoes-Jean Micheal Cabzant [Isola]

As Always :)
Thank you for stopping by :)


  1. Look fab as always love the all outfit the shoes are gorgeous <3 x

  2. You look hot! I love this combo of pieces! I am trying to put it into words....current and effortless? yep :)

  3. Thank you Ladies... @Califab that means alot on the description "current and effortless" i appreciate it :)

  4. I love your black feather necklace

  5. This outfit is hot and the hotel room looks very chic...can't wait to see what you bought! :-)

  6. hottie alert! love the white pants with the shoes!

  7. THOSE SHOES!!! I just had a shoe-gasm!!! Did you get those in D.C.??? I need to come home asap for a shopping trip! the UK isn't doing it right about now anymore!!!

  8. I totally agree with you on those shoes it's the whole "I so didn't try hard to look this good" it just happens naturally haha I have a go to jacket that I always throw on for that effortlessly cool look :)So great seeing you yesterday!!


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