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I wanted to share the stand out items I recently purchased.Bought these items when in Atl and Last weekend. I found alot of good deals at H and M. The end of the Season buys are the best buys to me and when I rack up on things for less. (Pictures above might not be exact items but they are very similar because I could not find pics) 

1.I found the H&M wool coat with Leather sleeves that i ADORE! As you know I have been looking for this coat for 2 years. So happy I found it in ATL. $129
2.H&M Metallic Sweater was a Steal It was 9.95. It is a little tight putting on but Worth it.
3.Zara Basic Sandal. I bought the last pair in the Chinatown dc Store. I am surrrre that this shoe will Be on a bunch of bloggers and that usually bothers me but theses are MAJOR and I now want it in black.
4.H & M Tweed Shorts. Found these  and they were a Steal $10 at The buy one get one free event last weekend. Though I couldn't  find an exact picture they look alot like these pictured.
5. H & M three button tank. It is a high low tank for 9.95. a basic that I can prob get a few uses out of. Very light weight transition to spring summer piece.(Picture is a close replica)
6. H&M strip box tank. This was 6.95 and again a great peice. I love stripes and I can layer until it warms up..

Thats pretty much it, Thanks for stopping buy. Have you guys recently purchased a any buys and posted it. Leave your link in the comment I'd love to check it out :)


  1. I've been buying things like crazy but haven't really posted much. A few of my recents "toys" were posted last night. I love every piece you posted - especially those sandals, the coat and that metallic sweater!

  2. Love the H&M leather sleeve wool coat.. Amazing.. The zara heels are adorable as well.




  3. Great picks. Love those Zara heels. Got a pair myself :)


  4. They are great heels.. And I am getting use out of that coat with this weird dc weather :)




Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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