Acura Integurl [Blue] Leopard+Video

(Photo taken by fotoFenom)

I was supposed to go to the cherry blossom festival here in DC with my friend but we got rained out. Normally I stay inside (#blackgirlhairstruggle) and sleep lol.....Instead we elected to still hang out and we roamed around Gtown, Chinatown and Ust and grabbed a bite.  I  must say this shirt from h&m I should've got all colors because I LOVE IT!. This color is the perfect shade of blue. Any who my friend is a "Hobby" Photographer( I say hobby with quotes because that shot above proves professional) and I learned a bit about f-stop and cloudy photoshoots. Stopped by a local pho spot ( the veggie spring rolls were tasty). Over all a fun time out and about.

I posted 3 posts this ok one full post the others were .5's lol... but I hope you enjoyed. What is your fav rainy day activity?

How do you like the new layout!


(Nails minty glitz glow)

( ^_^ Veggie Spring rolls)
I <3 spring blooms

Heels -Zara Basic Sandal
Jeans-Kitson LA (3 years old)
Leopard belt-no name 5+years old
(Clip in weave poppin) lol

Thanks guys, :)



  1. Love the new layout & what a cute outfit!! I love when you buy a piece (like your shirt) & it ends up just working with everything :) Hope to see you again soon <3

  2. Love that top! Thats a great color. Might have to go cop. New posts, layout, and videos! iLike :)

  3. Your hair looks great although I was "tickled pink" by the black girl hair struggle hash tag. LOL! I love the outfit and those sandals are worth dreaming about all day long! :-)

  4. Like the new post- very different and i like.. the zara ashoes are very cute as well.. like the new layout..


  5. LOVE the new layout!!! And the vid, so creative:) great look Morgan, hope to see you again soon!

  6. Looking lovely Ms Major.

  7. wonderfulo utfit! and again these amazing shoes! thank you for visit me:)

  8. I have those shoes and I just love the way you rocked them..the heels make this look so chic!


  9. You are so freakin cute!!!! Love the outfit


  10. your new layout looks GREAT!


  11. Thank you everyone for the kindness... Theses shoes are about to be a summer staple :)


  12. Love it Maj! xoxo You look hot! We have lots of the same shoes...hehe. When you come out we will soooo be twins :-)


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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