HNM-Happy New Month ...[Super Late Nye Pics]

So I kept lagging putting up these pics. I got to celebrate NYE with my Bestie from birth (moms are best friends) and my Bestie from High School in Cali.  We went to a Penthouse party in Downtown La and it was Such a great time. All I was missing was My Cousin Best Amber lol. I debated posting these. But I figured Hey its still an Outfit post hehe. Anywho, Happy March 1st Guys hope your 2012 is going well :) P.s Sorry about the quality of the pics.. I was still figuring out my new Cam. 

Asos-Dress and Shoes-Kenneth Cole watch-Various Bracelets- Asos Earrings
 Noelle B. Esq. Bestie since birth (Moms were besties and We were born 2 weeks apart )
Eriel (You guys know her. Bestie since High School)

Details Of the night...

 (Eriels Shoes were AMAZE)

 (The View from the Penthouse)
 (NYE kisses)

 (Fab Time Great PPL) 

Thanks for stopping by,

P.s I want a new header.. Any of you mavens great at graphic design or know someone Great at it? I want a cartoon type design. 


  1. You look great! Love that dress and how you styled it!


  2. the pics were worth the wait!!!! u gals look great!!!!

  3. you all look so gorgeous

  4. Looks like you all had a blast and everyone looked beautfiul!

  5. Thank you chicas... I love those shoes I am going to need to wear them again asap.



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