No More google [connect]...NO worries


Google friend connect is leaving some of us tomorrow. Don't freak out. I am on blogger and if you are on blogger you will still be able to see me on your news feed.(or at least that is what I got from it). If you're on Wordpress or do not want to risk it (so many ppl keep saying its only a wordpress issue not a blogger issue ), you can still get my latest updates doing these three things.

Bloglovin (best way)


Rss feed

Best thing is they are located on the left side. Press a button and you are subscribed. Make sure that you tell your blog followers

Happy leap day !!!!!!



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  1. Oh I have a proper memo.
    I am good worries. Still following you Hun!


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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