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Hello Mavens.. Here is a compilation of a few snaps of the summer. Some snaps from Cali and a wedding I went to. Hows everyone's summer going. I hope its great. I have been enjoying every bit of this heat meeting  some great people. I will have a few more post coming this month stay tuned. I have an event and a few outfit pics.

 (Flud Watch my friend got me )

 (When I went to cali, Lanvin heels,Thrifted Biege top and Necklace,White tank and Back Urban Outfitters)

 (Went to Trillectro in dc had a blast... chucks, Lincoln shirt Gifted from The Lincoln restaurant, H and M sunglasses , Abercrombie Shorts)
 (Asos watch, Ebay bracelet, Hautelook Bracelet, H and Ring)
 (Casual Fridays at Work Loehmens necklace H and M -Blazer and  Tank and Zara Heels )
(Love getting surprised with flowers :) )
 (Wedding I made the dress, clutch -yesstyle,shoes fendi, ring YSL,,thrifted bracelets,H and M necklace and Kenneth Cole watch)
 (Charlotte Russe Heels -5yrs agor, AA- crop top Last year,  Abercrombie shorts- Thrifted vest and Bag)

 (Happy hour meet up.... Kenneth cole watch -  No name leggings- thrifted white button up - fendi shoes)
(Zara ,Lv,k.Cole and Random ring really old)

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  1. Okay. That Fluid watch is IN.SANE. Loving it.

  2. Thank you Hun :) they are different for sure . Check them out

  3. As soon as I saw it I immediately jumped on Google to do my research. lolol.

  4. it all x

  5. Thank you :) I tried your blog link it didnt work . can you re type it so i can take a peek?

  6. omgggg you did not make that dress?!?!? Teach me your skills!!!!! You look stunning & you NEED to come to some events soon because I miss you :(


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