Like lullabies you are...[Purchases]

Few purchases i made this month. I have been prepping for cold not winter not fall just cold . My Cali blood combines both seasons do to the lack of seasons I've had growing up. Side note how great is Yuna lullabies ie. the title of this post. I definitely can relate to this song. It it can relate to my purchases as well...ESP when picking out shoes lololol... Picture this song playing while trying to choose the right shoe. Lmao. Any who dets are under the shoe. The blue sandals are dolce vita :) . The other bootie are loffeler randall.. Sad I had to return :( they were too snug. Buy a size up $400 at luckily asos saved the day :) haven't purchased from them in a while since it seems they are less exclusive now. But I looooooove theses Chelsea boots I purchased. Any Purchase you guys made for the "Cold" ?

(asos Chelsea boot 85.95) love the blood red accent Buy a size down

(raval booties 65.00 sale)

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  1. 1st shoe is LOVELY!!

    New outfit post on my blog ;

  2. 1st: Thank you so much for you comment. I love your blog and follow you on instagram ;) 2nd They were super cute but the real leather and i should've bought a size up.


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