Thought I could fly [3:16]...

1st I want to say I looooove 3:16 -from jhene aiko . As you know most of my titles are songs to pay homage to my love for music. I heard it in march and the full video came out a few weeks ago. Love it !!! Anywho restaurant week was a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be taken to Bobby Vans for a Date. Definitely will be back....It wassss amazing . After it i got to go to the white house to see my boo Barack lolol... I have a thing for monuments at night and someone took that que (Love when a date pays attention to things I like). goooood stuff right. Here are a few snaps. Anybody hit any good restaurants during restaurant week in there city?

(filet mignon roasted potatoes and asparagus phenomenal)
Super tasty (Dates that sit next to you are so cute)
(mine!!! Yes I ate both desserts in my defense my date didn't like sweets.)

(red eye)

Diamond necklace- gifted
Watch -k.cole
Shirt- j.crew
Heels -fendi
No name -corset

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