New [ Purchase] A. Wang and wish list

If you follow me on twitter @dayofmajorblog I have been talking about getting the Alexander wang Nadia's or Bianca's(s/s2012) to wear for my bday on Oct 9th. I have been tryyyyying to find them for 2 months and they are sold out everywhere. It was bad! i would find them and do my usual" should I buy should I wait" ritual ( I do this to stop my compulsive shopping purchases) and even within an hour my size was gone. :( So for a little over a month ago I found these "Nadia" 4.7 heel (high version) sandals. They were alittle over my budget so I just stalked from a far. Then this week they went down on sale. Unfortunately , I had spent a bit on my bday airline ticket and other expenses so I had to wait to buy. ( damn me for being a responsible buyer lol ) But when I tell you I crossed my fingers , did a rain dance and wished on a star they would be available today it would be an understatement lololol. This morning came and THEY WERE THERE still so I went on and ordered them. I am the happiest girl in the world. I can't wait to get them. And you know I am excited to post as soon as I do!
Any purchases you stalked forever and couldn't find then out of no where found them? Let me know your story in the comments.

I'm in love !!!!
*insert heart eyes apple emoji
Working my way to getting these...what a bday that would be lol

Special thanks to my fav bloggers Cottds and tosha of for responding to my size questions. I fell in love with the ss/2012 shoes when I saw them on both blogs.
Pictures via google images search


  1. Now these I like! Must step up my shoe arsenal soon!

  2. Check the website I sent you ^_^ Let me know what you think!


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