Would You be there ...SEC Event [Nails] pic heavy

This Song title is There will be tears by Frank Ocean. I mean I LOVE HIS VOICE. So yeah he's a bunch of titles lolol. 


Last month I went to my favorite fabulous blogger's nail event. The7thdistrict invited me and my bestie to her event and I couldn't turn down a good time and nails to be painted. This event was well put together and it even had a celebrity manicurist doing our nails. It was a gloomy rainy day but the turn out was amazing the drinks by qream (pharrells drink) and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. After I had a date at the Lincoln restaurant here in dc. It was an amazing restaurant and the best 1st date I had in a while... We even shut down the restaurant lol. Any who.. Excuse the hair it frizzed and became limp pretty bad because of the rain but eh it was worth it. Good friends,good date,good night. :)

P.S I am getting an Iphone 5 so the Cell pics will soon be better

The Besties Nail Swank
Trying to sit pretty lol
The beautiful Be You Be Loud
Her details  in this dress omg!!!

She topped it off with a little sparkle
A diva state of mind and Neon Mag editor
The details
Something was being said here lolol... Her watch was gorgeous
Brian Atwood. Her shoe game BANANAS

The Lincoln Restaurant
The floor was made out of pennies
Lovve the chair
Pennie wall
Smoke Salmon Capers and Creme Friche. The date had a great looking Chicken PotPie. I was nervous and didn't eat much lol

Mirror shots in the bathroom... It was a cool Bathroom

Semi Close shot of  the accessories.


  1. oh wow you look amazing <3


  2. You did a fantastic job of taking a belly shirt and transforming it into a sophisticated dressy outfit!! Wow--I'm impressed! And, you look so pretty for a fashion night out with fellow bloggers!!

    adorn la femme

  3. Thank you !!!! Hope all is well :)

  4. Thank you. I had a blast as well... Ps following you on bloglovin amazing blog

  5. Why am I just now seeing this?! Thanks for all your support! I appreciate that you came and even more than you posted about it. Even if it was 2 months later LOL

  6. LMAO here you go reading me for blood!!!! Thank you for the invite I had a blast.. you need to do another one hehehe. p.s better late than never :p


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