It can get ugly [before] it gets beautiful

This songs title is from Chris Brown" Don't Judge Me" .If you follow me on twitter you know I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!. He always had good ballads to me. This song is super relate-able for anyone who has had rumors ,pictures, hearsay  on social media/internet or through friends "true, exaggerated or not" that's causes you to be slightly insecure/caused arguements. Its about having to move through it. Relationships can get ugly but if both parties are onboard you can make it beautiful. 
 Last week I went on a date with lets call him "Mystery 8". You know I don't talk to much about my personal life on here but I did want to mention that he is actually the reason I am posting more. He loves my blog and He also gives me a reason to take pics because we go out lol. Its pretty cool to have someone into your hobby man I tell you!! So that's why in the past 2 months posts have been coming lol.  Thank Mystery 8 and We will see where this one goes.

 NOW any who, to the post. This outfit was something simple I combined some old items and remixed it to have a low key type of outfit. I am more and more into the minimal effortless look. Maybe with age but nowadays  I just don't want to have a bunch of matchy matchy stuff topped off with a over accessorized look. I do love statement pieces but just not all at once like before. The restaurant we went to was Matisse ,a french restaurant here in DC. When I tell you the food was AMAZING! The wine list is extensive with pretty high quality wines. The glass of  "Misunderstood white" I had was superb. I definitely recommend it.

Please excuse the slight blur in all theses shots I used my point and shoot bc my dslr was DEAD. BOTH BATTERIES!!! Smh  But I snagged some great shots (food shots) with my new iPhone. I love it!
Anyone else been here or love this spot?

The Valley GIRL Pose LMAO! I needed a Different shot

Last Years Bday Shoes!
At Matisse
Mystery 8 snapped a candid That is their wine list

This Is the "Misunderstood White" I can't remember the name for anything But it was by far the best wine I've had in a while.
This is the Daily Special (AMAZING PASTA w/ Lump Crab)

Heels-Wild Pair
Clutch- No Name
Watch- Kenneth Cole
Dress- Zara
Blazer - H and M
Necklace- Thrifted
Bracelets- Various 

P.s My bday is next Tues  Oct 9th Pics will be coming 

Random extras
A snap Mystery 8 took That I liked

These Three words can make any woman melt. When he said that on this Episode made me like them.


  1. So this post made me smile! You know I am soooo in Mystery 8s corner! whoop! Make it beautiful!

  2. lololol . We will see where this goes. But hes a cool dude. I got a friend in him regardless. But Im pretty happy with the kid right now lol. P.s Check your personal email .. evite

  3. ugly here honey! you look great!..."mystery 8 looks good on you!" lol...

  4. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more into the minimal effort looks now too the older I get. -Style4Curves

  5. Awwww so cute I'm routing for ya'll a man that supports you is everything...You look great...give me that jacket ;)

  6. Thank you Jasmine! I will be contacting you shortly.

  7. Thank you ^_^ . Its so much easier and really less effort. I remember when I had to have guess shoes shirt jeans and jacket. shoes had to match the shirt and belt had to coordinate lmao. Early 1998- earlyy 2000's

  8. ^_^. Thanks I never mention ppl on here. I hope it works but if it doesn't Hes still a good guy. As for the Jacket...I saw one on ebay a few weeks ago... If i See one again I will let you know. or you can always borrow mine ;)

  9. OMG you always look like you're leavin a photo shoot, absolutely beautiful!! That pasta looks amaaazing, glad you had a fun night :)

  10. Thank you Chica ! ^_^

  11. Gorgeous outfit!! And that food looks BOMB!! You probably get this a lot, but you look like you're 22/ I was confused when you said "with age" lol...btw, what's your workout/diet regimen? Your legs are so toned!

  12. Aaaaw thanks :) and lolololol I am actually going to be 28 next week. I know my answer is going to be the worst but I have a super high metabolism so my issue is keeping on the weight. My diet is mostly pescetarian. I eat a lot of seafood and throw in chicken and less fatty red meat cuts occasionally. Workout is really low. I do ab / core workouts from an iPad /iPhone app called abs workout maybe 2 times a week. (when im not lazy). I think my calves are so toned bc I walk in heels so much bc I'm only 5'0ft I don't want to look 16(you made my day saying 22 /23 I'm getting older at first glance woo woo ) I am also an ex soccer player but supposedly heels are good and bad for your body... Great for butt abs and legs but bad for your back and hips so I don't know if I'd recommend that workout lolololol. But thank you for your comment. I hope I answered everything. Do you have a blog ?

  13. Wow, you are just blessed! Lol Thanks for the response! I came across your blog and I'm in shoe heaven! I don't have a blog but I love finding new fashion blogs for inspiration. Just bookmarked yours! :-)

  14. You are so pretty. :) Love the shoes.
    <3, Sonshu,

  15. humanityisbeautifulSunday, October 07, 2012

    you look stunning! black and white is such an elegant combo!

  16. wow! Morgan! you are gorgeous! have I ever told you this? I mean.. really! :P Beautiful outfit, and especially beautiful you! X

  17. Just seeing this THANK YOU !!!!

  18. Thank you for this comment. I am just seeing this. :)


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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