Its so [Rocksteady]..Open Letter to Friends&Foe

RockSteady :(adj) consistent in performance or behavior; very calm; moving in a controlled way

This title is from No Doubt 's Rocksteady song. I love Ska and No Doubt is my fav band from middle school. This definitely  is in my top 5 Fave No Doubt songs. 

I wanted to do this post because I got such a overwhelming response to my It can get ugly..Post more good than bad about how I opened up a bit on the post. Though I am still more private and won't share everything. I will try to engage more than just pictures from here on out.
The word Rocksteady (Definition above) is basically summing up where I am right now in all aspects of my life and I love it! In the past months or so I've learn alot about my self. I ERASED ALL MY PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA. *gasp* Yes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have all been deleted for a little over 2 weeks now. Granted I will get it back bit by bit. I had a few friends hit me thinking that I blocked or erased them which was funny but I am glad they noticed I was gone lololol. I just had a few moments lately where I had to think... Why am I doing this. I let to much out. I love taking pics, I love tweeting wreckless jokes and such but emotions started coming out was not something I am into esp at my age 25+3yrs almost lol :p.  I was losing Control

I basically had a spiritual breakthrough during this time. It was great not having the urge to tweet or post every little thing I felt or did. I am sure my friends and followers were thankful to.lolol. I dealt with situations(Personal to job related) I was going through in private sharing only with a close friend and family members and came out refreshed. You sometimes need to remember
 "Do it for you nobody else... "
 Don't worry about outside variables when it  jeopardizes your mind , body, heart and soul. If you are happy with what you are doing and if  it makes you smile why worry about something that can change a Positive into a Negative emotion.  That energy you put in to "worry "  is crazy. You kinda got to play it like what ever and ignore it. Because if seems like lil Kim line I loved
 "All that bullshit you kick, playa hatin from the sideline
Get your own shit, why you ridin mine?
If someone told you that you'd feel kinda dumb right. That's why I had to just let that energy go before it got to that. 
I have no Grudges toward anyone new or old... I have released them fully from Job,Personal,Blog situations ... GONE!
With that said  Friend or Foe if you are reading please know this post isn't shade is about my journey to a better me.

 I know I am not 100 %  over all the hurdles I will go through and I nor anyone breathing will ever be. But I am very Content with how everything in my life is going...Always remember you get what you deserve. Good or Bad.Realizing this and  Remembering not to worry about anybody else or what they are doing unless it directly affects you Has me GOOOOOD. I have been blessed with positive people in my life... New and Old. Some unexpected. :) I need to enjoy this blessing and learn from them as well.
So basically what I learned and re-established in my life these few months:
  • Worry about yourself 1st Always
  • Disregard anything or anyone that can get you out your element Esp when you are content with what you are doing.
  • Be self aware of situations you are putting yourself through because blame can't be placed on anyone but you esp if it effects your emotions. ;)
  • Don't share all your emotions with everyone.
  • Continue to do what makes you happy esp if you know the deal
  • Let go of grudges and irritations that basically make you look just as bad as whatever is bringing it to you. Call a truce if possible.
  • Let go of negativity... Stand by whoever and whatever makes you happy. (Unless whatever makes you happy makes you sad more than happy ..don't be dumb lol)

I can honestly say right now all situations involving my Mind, Body, Heart, Soul  are all Rocksteady . I am excited about everything that is to come...


Enjoy my pics and things I wanted to post on my social networks (if I had them) during the 2 ish weeks Ive been off it. lol They are super random lol
♫♫"Our love is RockSteady..... RockSteady"♫♫

Helped me get over somethings

HAHAHA I Love Stewie I know chicks feel this way over their hubby, bf, date or crush lol
If someone wouldve told me this when I first started dating when i was young... Luckily I found this out a few years ago. Hopefully it will help you ;) Nevertheless true

I love sleeping like this... and I LOOOOOVE LANA DEL REY AND ASAP
Ladies Remember That... Wait and see
Very fine line... But I feel most stuggle with this. Please know when you are wasting your time
IPHONE CINCO!!!! on release day. Why i need to get back on instagram lol
^_^ My friends Bachelorette  Party ! me being basic in the mirror lol
LOL ^_^ !!!!!
When Rih was on her Devotions Good stuff
Quotes I posted on instgarm before I deleted it

THIS!!!!! SOOOO TRUE Its so refreshing when it finally happens !!!!^_^
Have a life and make yalls life. Trust its the Perfect Balance
Jada had those quotes man. I do hope they Help you!
Don't Look Back....Won't Look Back Past is the Past I'm about the future ...You? #LetsGetEm


  1. Just wanted to say i love your style: you always look so effortless. After viewing your pics I always end up thinking: hmmm why didnt i think of that. Been following your blog since you were featured on Fashion Bomb. Love your blog please keep it coming:-)

  2. Marella MonticelliMonday, October 08, 2012

    Amazing post dear!
    Lovely blog! Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  3. I was moved by this post. I come here occasionally to catch a glimpse of your latest ensemble or to gain an update on a trend that I've missed... I never imagined reading what I just read. Not saying that you lack substance, but I am going through something similar. When I try to explain to people why I deactivated and removed myself from all social network sites.. they respond with a ghostly stare and even rebuttals such as "What went wrong in your life"? Thank you for the unintended encouraging words for me to continue to strive to be a better me. Rocksteady!

  4. Thank you so much :) I appreciate your support. I have a lot coming. I have 3 bday outfits so stay tuned hehe

  5. This really touched me. I am so glad I could be some sort of inspiration . Stay strong and remember your mental and emotional sanity comes first. If ppl don't understand so what. You get to live your life with out trying to keep ppl updated. It's soooo refreshing to have that peace. I have gotten my Instagram and twitter and Facebook back.. But in all honesty it's not as addict ing or oooh I have to check it as before. It's more of an after thought and I am ok with that . :) I hope your situation gets better and inspirational quotes really help as well. I google them every day :)


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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