Major [Mirrors] TeachMe 12.12.12

I love this song  TeachMe by Musiq. It really speaks to me. It's an old song and I always related to this song because it tackles something I have issues with doing and I have fallen for a few that have issues with it as well. That issue is Loving Really loving. The other day I asked someone if they believe in love and they responded that they did but in different levels of it. There is also a difference of being in love with someone and having love for someone. I definitely agreed to that because how I loved in High school might not be on the same level as how I love today. Also How I loved my last might not be how I love you.   Sometimes heartbreak , lackluster previous or current companions , Life issues and/or  Maturity can stop someone from opening up. I basically have had a cluster of all. I through all my experiences, old and new, have learned to Express more and open up. Its all a learning experience which is what I remind my self and helps me open up. Having someone who is willing to work with you also makes a difference. Any one else struggle with this?

This post is going to be a new post tagline. I tend to be on the go more and not bringing my Nikon with me as much. (Shame on me) I promise to try to take more Nikon pics (when I Buy a bigger bag) but this is the faster way on the go. So when you see Major Mirrors know its prob done in the mirror heheh. This was taken on at TopShop during my shopping trip. I love this vest I found thrifting its sequined and Beaded. Perfect to jazz up any outfit dress jeans etc. Definitely an All seasons Piece!  Happy 12.12.12 too. Make this day a day to remember Thanks for stopping by.

Lanvin- Heels
Lv- Bag
YSL- Ring
Zara -Dress
Thrifted- Vest

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