You [Pinned] me to your heart ...



"He pinned me to his heart and I think he likes it...."-Pinterest quote.


I know she does... I fiiiiiinallly started pinning and like the previous statement said I like it! Took me a while because I didn't see the point. I know I know. But I am not addicted....yet. I just am starting to figure it out. Follow the day of major boards to pin ootd /ootn post. Thank you all for your emails and support. I appreciate ALL of you that stop by. Hope this helps keep you up to date on my inspirations and such. I pin more than post lolololol.

Follow here : Day of major

Thank you again guys... Hope your holidays went well... I am having a blast in home in cali. I also wish you a happy new year guys..I will be traveling the next few days so I am sure my next post will be next year... Happy 2013 make it count for you and your loved ones... how was your 2012? I know 2012 was beyond amazing for friends ;), new job, branded my blog, new followers ;) .








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