Majorly [Late] Post ..Highs with Lows

 Hey Guys I owe you post. I am packing and getting ready to move at the end of this month so I haven't really been going to many places that involve me "Getting Dressed" lol This was back in Feb I believe. It was for my friend who got engaged and is moving away  going away party. Did you catch that lol It was when I first Highlighted my hair , Yuh girl was feeling herself lol. I am wearing a thifted Blazer Shirt with Faux leather pants.  I paired them with my Zara heels that I adore and found on sell,  a chain necklace and my Ysl  ring and Clutch. This is a perfect example on how you can mix High end and low end.

 I have always been a fan of high and low end ...basically because mostly everyone can do it. High end doesn't necessarily mean Designers. It can be a higher priced item friendly to your budget. I.e if Zara is one of the more expensive stores you shop it can be that.  This portion of my post is to say if you have a Higher priced shoe, bag, shirt etc It can change the way you look and feel. I prefer to have a Shoe , bag, or jewelry than clothes. To me I can find great deals on them (Designer) and I can't see myself paying $150 for a tank top. Plus that money can be put toward a bag or shoes that will last me longer lolol. Those of you know that have been following my blog since day one, that I haven't always had designer items in my post. I have had my blog for some years so I have advance in my personal life my style and brands have changed. Even though i'm not an advocate of F21 now ,the quality just changed with them , I still might find a cheap trendy item (Ie. Harem Pant or cropped bralette).But I don't shop there Like I did during my first blog years. But  something about me no matter what salary I make I always Thrifted. Ladies that don't, boy the deals you can find. The vintage moment you can share are endless. I recently scored a Vintage 1960's  Givenchy purse I am going to show you guys in a future post.  Things like that with a thrifted shirt and  H and M pants can make your whole outfit look designer head to toe. As long as the low is well made you shouldn't have a problem. I always stress Quality in the make of things and this is why.My guy said I just give off this presence and people always think I am rolling in designers from head to toe. HA! If only they knew my pants were from H &M . ; )

Take a look at the pics Below.

Guys send me some of your fav High Low Attire in the Comments below.

 Top- Thrifted
Clutch- YSL
Shoes- Zara FW2013
Pants- Old F21
Belt-H and M 
Ring YSL

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  1. Love your hair like this. I totally agree with you on mixing high and low end items. Zara is one of my favorite stores for trendy yet quality items that won't break the bank. When it comes to F21 I feel like its a place to shop for trendy pieces. Even though the quality isn't that great, the prices are perfect for one time wear pieces.

  2. I totalllllly agree. Because once you wash f21 its a wrap. But if i can spend $10 on a faux leather crop top I need to go with a zara skirt I bought HELL im for it. But I am finding now that H and M is more of my Go to cheaper clothing than F21. I also get overwhelmed by the teeny boppers in F21 lol.


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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