Summer Items...My Holy [Grail]

So 1st let me start off by saying I MISSED YOU!!! I  know some of you follow my IG so I hope that helped a bit in keeping you up to date. I totally think you should still follow for more updates. I will have a collective of different Outfits Posted even a Late post of one before the Hiatus lol. As you know (well if you follow my twitter) I have been going through it Moving and such. My personal life got crazy . Moving drains everything and I didn't want to blog until I felt my home is a home. Anywho, you can check bits of my space out on my ig. I might do a little home tour but you know somethings I like to keep private lol.

Now I was gone but not under a rock. I LOVE the new Jay-z album. It hits many different situations. Well this song can be taken 2 ways, about love and/ or about Fame. I feel JT part is more about Love than Fame while Jay hits Fame. Its just a really nice song. I am a sucker for Piano too. Their is always that one person or maybe multiples that you just can't let go. Love is like that sometimes. I am sure we all relate. It usually works its self out in the end . ;) That's the best part of it being Your Holy Grail.

This post is about my "Holy Grail" summer items.

First is the clutch. I have been feeling wearing a clutch opposed to big bags because well its hot as hell lol. I also carry less with a clutch.  So this is one of my Summer clutches I thrifted a year ago. 

The summer you gotta protect your eyes right. These are one that I got from a small store in California. Love the Gold on them. I have a few other pairs of glasses as well but these happened to be the last used.



 It has been my crutch instead of using my Nikon. Shooting this post helped me fall in love again. I have learned how to use my F stop and Shutter and Aperture and this was a breeze. I took these shots with low light and no flash. I hate how my flash looks lol. Very limited editing (besides the filter in the shot below).

Lip Gloss

I loooove Co Bigelow no 503 .Mentha Supreme 2x Gloss.
I ordered a 4 pack off ebay but you can get them from Bath and Bodyworks. They last a while(if i don't lose them)  I love gloss with tingle and it Moisturizes and helps your breath(though I dont know about the breath part.

Eye Makeup

I can NOT go a day with out Mascara or Eye liner. I do not have to have anything on but I need these. 
I only use Maybelline Mascara. Always have since High School thru being a Make up Artist. I love the Volum line I had it since day one (Gray /Blue tube) I only use water proof mascara to because I use eye drops with my contacts need it to stay on. Falsie Flares in Black drama is my go to at the moment.

Wet n Wild  H20 Liquid Eyeliner. I saw this on a YouTube Guru I believe it was MissLBailey WaterProof  liquid liner. For the same reasons of the mascara but I love Liquid Eyeliner pens and they discontinued years ago the Maybelline pen and I didnt like the replacement. Last year I found this and it is Cheaper. hehe

Mac Saddle Shadow- I use it to light contour my nose(Mostly when I am going out at night and as my everyday base. It give a none makeup look while evening out the looks. I saw Youtube Guru FlowerPush used it when I was looking for a basic neutral brown that defines slight and this was perfect.


I love tinted moisturizers. I have freckles and never been one to cover hem up . It makes me look like a pancake face. This has a great build-able coverage. I use it really under my eyes and forehead and nose. Its a Thicker Tint moisturizer and glides on smooth.

What are your summer "Holy Grail" Link me to it : )


  1. Your sunny is really cute and I love them (: do you mind if we follow each other ? Do let me know on my blog (: x

  2. love the sunnies and really like the outfit of ur blog!
    with love from finland

  3. Thank You :) The best part is they were like $5

  4. Checked out your Blog . Very cute. Thank you for your comment :)


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