It's [So] hard to [Say] Goodbye... [NEW SITE]

Hello everyone... 

Yes it is time for me to say goodbye to Non Micro Blogging. Do not Fear..I have Rebranded. I now have turned Day of Major into a Fashion and Lifestyle Tumblr and IG.  Ash you guys know ,I adore Fashion and documenting things around and about. So this is the best way to continue my love for it via Micro Blogging. I have prepped since August and most recently the last 2 weeks (hand picking my post and captioning) my favorite tumbles on Tumblr. I HAVE NOW LAUNCHED IT TODAY! There are over 100 post to look through and it has great site navigation to go directly to personal entries to music i like. This blog will be very similar to and it will have Quotes , Personal Post, Music, Fashion and journal (Journey) like entries all on this site as well .  Each will have a personal caption from me if not a "Note"/Journal Entry. I also have enabled comments so you can still comment on post if wanted.

If you  follow my twitter you have know for sometime I was looking to rebrand from Around August. The upkeep for this blog and the way my life is at 29 is not the same as it was at 24/25. Im in a Relationship  now (Mystery 8's and I are going strong) , no longer a "new" graduate, in my career  and advancing, more Spiritual than before , just living life and sheesh to tired to post long articles lol. All and all , I have out grown this blog. I will never forget the memories. It helped me move on from an old relationship , helped bring me closer in a new relationship, Met AMAZING blogger boo's (my blogger friends) and was over an amazing outlet. It served its Purpose and I have memories documented forever.

With that said ,Day of Major Blogspot  will remain up, however, no new post after this will be made. I mean you can never say never but as of now I  will be posting on the new site
  [DoM] Tumblr.
If you guys choose not to follow me via
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I thank you still for your support all these years. I appreciate the roller-coaster this blog experienced. I wish every one the best. And to those who are continuing with me... Buckle up and Enjoy the ride. 

To New Chapters and New things!!!!

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