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 Collective of pics after the jump

(The lil sis)

(Chains :) )

Simple Casual Outfit. I went to the movies with the sister and really didn't want to dress up. So yes no heels or leg exposure ;) But I want to show you my dress down...well when I don't have on leggings a V neck tee and chucks lol. Anywho I love how the photos had a slight blur to them. What is your version of dress down? And bloggers do you post them? If you do leave a link to your dressed down post.

Jeans- Habituals
Crop top- American Apparel
Chain Necklaces- Vintage
Kitten Leopard Wedge- 4yr old steve maddens
Red Belt- Thrifted
Clutch- Asos

Thank you all for stopping by,


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  1. Nice outfit, love the cropped top.


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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