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2011 Wantlist

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$270 -

$433 -

£50 -

$395 -

$124 -

$40 -

$18 -

Wool shorts simliar 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts
$395 -

£75 -

Lipsy london- Drape real leather Jacket Marshalls

So If you follow me on twitter you know I have been so busy with work I haven't really had a chance to go out and dress normal. So I apologize for the no outfit post. I wasn't going to do a post but I am so happy of the emails and comments you guys give[Thank you] I can't not do a post. All I ask is you to bare with me while I get my new cam and find new places to go out. 
I did a Mini Haul and have some more Fall things I want. 
I have a Diy Wool short I CAN NOT wait to show you. Im getting into the" suit piece" look.
 I'm in to Canvas peep toe booties and Mid calf  booties. You saw the Chinese laundry in my previous post but I also just order the Jean-Micheals one above. I feel in love with the Jean Michael's heel its a marbleize mix of Purple White Brown Hint of yellow. I love heels that look like art. 
The lust items above the Racheal Zoe  and Vera Want tassel booties I need to pick one lol.  I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for 2 years for the perfect drape REAL leather jacket. This weekend I found it  :) Lipsy London (I know them as a brand  ASOS carries) at Marshalls while looking for candles holders lol. Sheer  Teal and Magenta shirts I also see me having "moments" in. Tie blouses are  a piece  that is so classy but can be worn with an edge. I love it! :)
Leggings in emerald green and royal blue. I love the comfort leggings give and a jewel tone I really want to do a toned done color block. :)
Loafers are AMAZING! I am loving them more that ballet flats. I am a heel person  for sure esp being only 5 ft. I just feel Loafers give me a "older" vibe I don't feel 10 years old with them on like I feel when I wear ballet flats. They are chic and have a dressy appeal to make a look together.
My bday is in 2 weeks I have alot in store(Pics) :)



  1. OOh yesss, those are some nice picks.
    I'd be ready for fall with those musthaves ;)

  2. Nice fall blog.. <3

  3. I love the leopard print, flats!! :)
    great post!


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