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 This  blog post isn't a song titled... I couldn't find a song that fits my mood and this  subject lol.
First, I would like to thank everyone for Emails and Comments about my Bday , Mystery 8 and Rocksteady Post. It was appreciated more than you know. I am glad I was able to inspire alot of you guys. I also saw that more than Mystery 8 like my blog. This post is about my current wants/ likes for the fall. This isn't necessary everything that is on trend but more about things I like
I don't follow trends much not because I don't like them but my body shape doesn't always work with them.
I am a very Petite person and growing up it sucked for me because I tried to follow the trends but when you are the size of a 9 year old at 14 its hard to find clothes that fit you and have the "Junior size" trends. So I found myself  Always trying to Alter  aka Rig my clothes . Which is what I still do today but it was over the top then. I  then learned more about my body shape around 15/16 and started to find things that worked for me instead of wearing what my friends could wear. It helped me gain more confidence because. things didn't look baggy and I wore what I liked. I also discovered the "Asian" Stores what we called them in Cali. The stores/ styles that you see wholesale.net and etc but as a store front. I have a petite frame and the Korean, Japanese clothing stores clothes run smaller and had the latest trends so I flocked to them around  hard 16. 
Now at 28*Gasp* I am way more comfy in my skin and know what works and what stores to hit... that is because of what I've learned but mostly because I have a shopping addiction. I like Quality things now over Quantity things and I feel a sense of pride to be able to wear them. Though they might be more than the average forever 21 item it doesn't mean im above rocking thrifted as you know i have normally one thrifted item in a post lol. It might make me seem Bougie to the outside world and even to my friends lol(they always say that -_-) but I know how to pair a designer shoe with a thrifted shirt and  costume jewelry from ebay and you wouldn't know that everything didn't cost over $100. That is apart of the art of style to me. NOW with that said. I try not to pay full price ever and I try to always try to find a Steal version of any thing I buy before going straight to the designer. Just a disclaimer  because  the Pieces below are not actual items I will be purchasing more of Ideas I like and I IDEAS I LOVE ARE STATEMENT EVERYTHING! From Shoes to Coats. Wearing one to 2 statement pieces are looks i'm loving. The Gaudy look I am feeling right now. I hope you enjoy and let me know what things you are into right now in comments.

Statement Pants

 Statement Pants are everything. I love leather pants and have for a few years now. COTTDS really got me into that look. They are edgy but chic if worn well and I have a bunch of black pairs but would love jewel toned or gray ones. Brocade designs are trendy right now. I think I would wear it more on a going out type of night than a daytime but nonetheless I like them. I am STILL in love with the Zipper , waxed and Metallic effect jean as well from last fall/winter. I am on the hunt to get more that black on my legs this upcoming Cold season.
Statement Jackets

 STATEMENT JACKETS IN THE COLD!!!! *Gasp* This is the easiest and also most expensive statement in my opinion. Because if your jacket is your statement think of the more you need to buy lololol.  Textured jackets esp fur! I Adore right now. How could you not like them . Fur and Faux Fur are classic from Hollywood starlets to late 70's 80's discos. Prints jackets have been more and more present in the last few years but the Camo and Military look I am seeing on more and more on Blogs. I actually have a lets say ... "Gifted" Camo shirt I "got" from Mystery 8 that I will be wearing soon. Its a suppper cute outfit that I can NOT wait to wear. Might wear it my upcoming Vegas bday celebration trip! Structured jackets I have been in love with for a few years now as well.. The  Leather to canvas this is the most versatile way to wear a statement jacket and easier on the pocket books because they have toned down versions.
Statement Booties

I feel this is the topic that doesn't need a description.  SHOES can always add a statement. I tend to do this as my main go to statement piece. You can have pops of Color to Fringe to a Crazy heel. Shoes you can also use to layer with other statement pieces without looking over the top. Those Isabel Marant (Embellished) ones though *eeek* I'd die for.
Statement Jewelry

The Statement Jewelry is the less expensive upfront purchase you can make. I need to add more color and I prefer to do it more through Jewelry than anything. Neck Plates are hot the more Gaudy to me the better and If you know me .. I am for the Arm Party, Rager, Event, Extravaganza and whatever over used term . I don't care I love it still. Rings and Earrings are just as great. I love the nail ring thing. I am on the hunt for one. Also I love the oversized earring thing too but I am more on studs nowadays.

Any who,I hope you enjoyed the post. I tend to not do these every season bc most of the pieces I buy I can use in multi seasons. Thanks for stopping by though guys.

P.S I will have a slight delay in post because I will be traveling but will make up with it  A bunch of post from my travels :)

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  1. great post, love the brocade pants! :)


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