It's my bday!!!!!



No fashion post today... But just know bc of this day born day (hehe) there will be a bunch to come. I am celebrating my bday this week in DC. Then in Two weeks in VEGAS. My first legal visit to Vegas and all my Cali boos will be there. I am one year older and as you know in my previous post. I have grown more in the last few months. I credit mystery 8 even though we are no longer dating... I'm doing well but the person he showed me was motivation and maybe one day we will be friends.

Enough with the sad sappy stuff. Did any of you do anything nice for your bday? Or going to do something nice? Happy bday to all the libras and October babies :)





  1. Happy Birthday! Didn't know you were an Oct. baby. Mine's in less than 2 weeks. woop, woop.

  2. Yaaaay oct babies :) thank you


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