Birthday part one... Hello

As you all know my bday was last month. I celebrated it 3 different weeks from Dc to Vegas to Cali.(reason for lack of oct pst). This will be a 3 part blog post. The day before I had webhautejas the nail artist stop by my house and do my nails. I looove them and you guys in the DMV should definitely check her out her prices are not bad at all. This post was my actual bday Oct 9th. I worked a half day at work and it was a lil cooler so I was able to wear my new booties I bought ... cc: my previous post in aug. after work I took myself to lunch at Bangkok joes in Georgetown. It was amazing. One of my fav gtown restaurants and great little vibe and tasty food. When I went home the little sis made me a "M" red velvet cake and red velvet cupcakes. She seems to bake for me once a year -_- but beggars cant be choosers and I appreciate her bake goods especially since I can't bake .YUM ! My sister and her friend then took me out to a lounge here in dc to celebrate with a local promotion company DTNation. I had a blast from what I can remember it was shots shots shots. Overall this day was a blast. My outfit was quite simple and I got to wear my Alexander Wang sandal booties for the first time which eventually became my official bday shoe. (Also just my go to heel now) I wore them all month. They are just so comfy. This was also of the last times I got to wear shorts too. Bc now its cold :( thanks for stopping by. Next post will be birthday dinner post. :). Thank you everyone for the Bday shout outs as well. Enjoy.
(M cake)
(Bday work outfit. Ravel booties)
Bday part 1 Nails via Web Haute Jas

(Bangkok joes ... Yum)



Shot number 4

Shirt- Vintage
Woven Metallic Leopard Short - Isabel Lu
Clutch- no name
Belt- Thrifted
Heels- Alexander Wang
Necklace- H and M 


  1. You looked effortlessly gorge and your cake looks so yummy- Style4Curves

  2. Hottie!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful b-day & your nails look fantastic (Go Jas) <3

  3. Thank you Hun... Jas did AMAZING!

  4. Thank You so MUCH! the cake was GREAT you hear me lolol


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