Bday part 3 [lost in paradise]

"It it may be wrong but it feels right to be lost in paradise"

Sooooo if you follow my twitter I have been on Rihanna's new album. Some songs had to grow in me but over all  i'm feeling the album.(It just went #1 her first number 1 album out of her 7 to ever do it on the billboard charts.) Granted Rihanna has Singles for days but her albums are never that strong... Good for her.. :) Well... This song is pretty real. You ever feel like you know you are playing with fire but the fact that it intrigues you so much you rather risk being burned than walk away. You might not think you are really ready to walk that plank but you go for it anyways. She is talking about love of course in that song but I think you can relate this into anything you know it isn't good for you but you'd rather do it instead of not being able to do it or have it. Trying something is better than trying nothing. As long as you Play smart and not hard... There is always a 50% chance that risk is worth it. Anywho I can't really relate fully to this now but I sure have felt that way.

This is my last bday post... Well at least me talking about my bday im summing it up here. But I have sooooooo many pictures. What should I do.. Post them? I have 3 different outfits that could equal 3 more post. But do you really want to see more? I have non bday post backing up too. Sheesh. But Anywho this was in Vegas . A few of my friends fam, and BFF s flew to Vegas  4 days and partied and shopped of course lol. I actually got to go to Topshop store in Fashion show mall. I never ordered online from them because the US site isn't as great as the UK site. At this store though OMG! I racked up on jewelry . I loooooove that store. Though security was following my friends and I around.. I bought over 100 dollars worth of stuff but apparently me my Lv bag ,Zara dress and a vest looked like a thief or fit a description .*rolls eyes* Oh well wack.... this day was my BFF (our moms are bffs and we are born 2 weeks apart ) actual bday but we still celebrated it as a double bday. We had a table at haze. Went to dinner at Milo (in our hotel the Cosmopolitan )the salmon tar-tare was amazing. I definitely recommend staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel staff is wonderful.

Where you Servers are your Chefs as well...

The Table During

We had Arm Ragers present
It was Halloween weekend I stole someones glasses from there costume... I gave them back
One of Many that night
My Girlies Super educated bunch... Masters, Stock Broker , Esqs Fab and Fun

Waiting for the Elevator

Dress/Tunic, Necklace- Zara
Shoes- Alexander Wang
Clutch- YSL (Gift)


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  1. i went to haze too!! looks like you had a blast! ...makes me wanna go all over again - i never made it to fashion show mall :( that will be my first stop next time for sure!


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