Bday part[2] Shine Bright like a Diamond..

 "Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky"

That song definitely grew on me.  I overall can relate to that feeling. During this time and even now I had to "choose to be happy" than sad. Do what I felt was best for me. You guys know how it is during a "break up/Go our separate ways". 

On a better note I also felt my dress was suuuuper shiny lol and while editing this post "Shine bright like a diamond" kept replaying in my head lolol. Hence the title.Anywho, This is birthday #2. My bday dinner I had with friends. The Friday after my bday I invited my close friends to a dinner at my favorite restaurant in dc J and G steakhouse in the W hotel. Though the service was kinda slow for a large table great company was enough to keep the party going. I choose to wear a form fitting dress. Crazy bc I normally do not wear a "freak em dress" as stated in my other post as I get older wearing flowy outfits are just well comfy and chic enough for me. This metallic dress is an old American apparel dress I searched for and found on a blog shop.(Side note : I love blogshops. They are like thrifting from ppl style you adore). I have been wanting to wear something gold and metallic for a while. I wore the wangs again... Told you I love them and accessorized with more bracelets and rings and keep the neck simple. I went for the beyonce b'day cover look for my hair. I love a good updo lol. I was great to be surrounded by friends bc as you know this was around the time mystery 8 and I parted ways. (No worries we are friends .. Just friends but I wouldn't have it any other way). During this time I was a little down and out but this bunch helped me forget. Isn't it great to have good people support you :) any who enjoy :)

Sister, Honorary Sister and  my Good  and Super stylish Friend

Bff, Friend and Boss
Drink was pretty Amazing
Salmon  tartare

Friends plate yummm!!!

My plate...Filet Mignon and sauteed grilled mushrooms The jams they have  with it I love AMAZING

Shooters !!!
Dress -American apparel from AIKC
Heels- Alexander wang
Clutch - no name
Bracelets -various h and m to eBay
Watch- Kenneth Cole 


  1. You look BEYOND amazing. Absolutely STUNNING.



  2. Thank you as always Terry. I truly Appreciate it. :) :) ^_^

  3. Thank You darling :)


Thank you so Much for Taking time to comment. I appreciate all thoughts you have . Thank you again -M

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