Long Distance [Purchases]....

"This long distance is killing me
I wish that you are here with me
But we're stuck where we are
It's so hard, it's so hard
We're so far, we're so far
You're so far
This long distance is killing me
" - Brandy -Long Distance

I love this Song by Brandy. It came on randomly on my playlist at work and has been stuck in my head. Brandy doesn't get nearly as much credit as she should. He voice has gotten so much stronger and her Runs are amazing. I love her New album two eleven (Named in honor of Whitney Houstons day she died 2.11.12) Houston was her friend and Idol. This song verse I relate to in a non typical way. I know the feeling of being stuck where you are . This year I am continuing my positive outlook. Knowing I always have Faith so I know  my Goals are always Attainable. Positive vibes are real. :)

 Now to the Meat!!! I just Purchase a few new Items. My first Items of the New year. I recently tweeted a week ago about these items saying all I have on my want list is a Necklace and a Purse. I spotted this purse believe it or not at DSW when I went with a co worker  to find shoes at lunch. I saw this Vince Camuto one I wanted for $200 but this one came shining through with all its vegan leather glory for less than $100. I was Sold. You know I like designer things but I love a good deal. I am not against Quality looking less expensive Items at all.True style can mix and Match in my Opinion. The quilt/woven detail AMAZE!  Also its big enough to fit my Nikon in WOOO!  As you guys Know I am a sucker for Costume jewelry . The necklace is Celine inspired.I can't afford/ pull myself to purchase $940 for a Celine  Necklace. The place I bought it from is sold out but they have them  if you google everywhere it seems. I plan on wearing it this weekend . It is a big weekend for DC Inauguration  I plan on Spending time with friends and Fam why not.:)  Sorry for lack of post Ive really just been living life lol. Getting things set up for the new year Personal to Career. I hope everyone is too Hope everyone is having a great New year. Have a Great Weekend Mavens!!!!

 A few random shots from my commute last week  I am wearing my new jacket two tone leather tan and black sleeves ;)

Maryland has Nooooo snow. I am not complaining though
Costume Jewelery love.
 Celine inspired Choker - Google
Purse- Houston bag Urban Expression


  1. Is thatt freckles on your face?I've never noticed them.You are beautiful!!!

  2. They sure are! Thank you so much thats really nice to say :) And to think growing up I HATEDDD them lol,

  3. Adorable new items!

    Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you :) I love them. You have a great day as well.

  5. Loooove that purse, too cute!!

  6. Amazing things, love the bag!


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