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 I haven't posted in a while. I really have just been Enjoying life. It has been 2 months. ALOT has happened . All positive. I Missed you guys and I appreciate My follower across the pond checking on me. I decided to come back with the announcement of my blog shop. If you follow my twitter(I am back now from my 40 days of giving it up for lent) I am using the POSHMARK app to start. It is available as a website (Check the badge below) as well as an iPhone App. You know I love apps I can use from my phone and/or iPad. I will keep you posted on new items but I have a few items going up Today. Let me know what you think.

I also will be moving in May/June and am about to do a Serious closet cleanse(This month up until the move)  so there will be a bunch of things coming.

Check out a few things I am selling along with the Steve madden pumps above.

That Vintage Jacket $10

Asos- Ankle Booties $39

To see more Click the badge

Closet name is Dayofmajorblog

I am working on a few post  to catch you guys up now. So stay tuned this week.

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