BLOG REPOST : Three Is A Crowd... Not all [Side chicks] are Hoes?

Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche

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As some as you that follow my twitter know. I feel some sort of way about the triangle pictured above.This Story I am not ashamed hit closed to home for me. It has happened with me when I was younger with my Ex (the one that helped me start blogging) . I am now older and had a similar situation very recently except I was on the other side and there was no relationship establish with either party. Dating now a days can get really tricky. I just feel if you have open and HONEST communication and make sure you respect things you don't like  control your spastic emotions you can get into one. 
 She talks about how you look to the other woman to insecurities to be spiteful and post things to "Hurt" the other woman. At the end thats what it boiled down to with Rihanna and Karrueche (sp?). If you noticed Rih went hard posting pics and Karreuche sometimes reacted sometimes didn't. At the end of the day I have far more respect K than Rih. K never boasted and intentionally tweeted or Ig'd anything to be spiteful 1st. Even after rih admitted she loved her man on national tv and Released a song about" Nobodys Business ".  K did nothing.  It was only toward the end when media and Rih start posting pics did she post these 

 In Chris' Shirt he posted a day before on IG
 Shoot , Even after all the drama I cared about what things might have appeared like and made conscious decisions not to post things. But it strained my heart with so much negativity I had some slip ups. It takes a strong person to just ignore. So with K having to deal with this

Oh yeah This

 This too...

 Oh and this started it...

Her two little pics aren't so bad lol.
 Now, this is not to not place fault on the dude and Chris brown. Chris has admitted  to the media and I am sure to K and Rih privately. That he was sorry that they he was the one to put them in the situation and wished he could've did something different ;but you see we as women turn on the other women. Hating them when sometimes we put more stress on ourself because of our insecurities.
This is a blogger I found and refound and refound again . She has had 3 different blogs. Take a look.

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Also at the end of the day, If you choose to move foward  and forgive remembering you can not get mad at anyone but your self (and the dude) for going back to a situation and it happening again. You just have to make sure you don't go looking for the Mess up.
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Has anyone of you experienced this ? Write below or Email me  your story.

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  1. I think all women have gone through this situation at some point. It's crazy what we will put up with sometimes smh

  2. Yeah I feel like this post and a lot of women focus on the other girl. For me I was always annoyed with him, what the hell was he doing!? I gave up on it in the end, I'm not the type of person to fight for someone, but it was really hurtful and embarassing as these sorts of "relationships" are always common knowledge.

    I look back on it as character building! lol

  3. Yes, It is horrible. I can only image going through it with the media hyping up even more.

  4. I agree total caracter building. Helps you know how to handle it if you are going toward that situation again, You can distance yourself from it.


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