Blue Eyes[ Blind] Perfect Pant....

All I know is you stole my eyes,
And was packaged to stone 'cause you put it down right,
All I know is you pull me through,
I don't wanna see nothing if I ain't seeing you,

You're the yellow stars up in my silver sky,
You are a ray, ray, you even make my blue eyes blind,
All of the lights went down when you came with me,
Now there's a million diamonds that I just can't see,

You, you, you,
Make my blue eyes blind,

 This Is just a Mini Post. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE !!!
I just discovered ZZ Ward and she is AMAZING to say the least. This is a quote from her song -Blue Eyes Blind. She has a combo of good and bad love songs Soulful . As you might have seen on twitter early this week I am going to have quite a few titles coming from here. You can listen to them HERE . I heard her on Mob Wives ... Yes I watch that show. Well when I remember its on or on a marathon. I don't know when it actually comes on but it is a guilty pleasure. I am sorry I love drita.

So when I was writing this post I was wearing one of my new Favorite Pants. I say one because I currently have them in 3 colors. They are ankle length and though they say low rise they seem more of a mid rise.  They have no back pockets but useable front pockets. The stretch is amazing and I have them in Grey, Beige and the Blue I am wearing in the Picture (I won the blue on in a bet hehe) You know you have a problem when instead of betting money in an article of clothes lol.  Anywho the 1st 2 were 17.95 and I caught one on sale last week for 9.99. Get them NOW while you can. Here is the LINK. (so you can purchase the right one there are alot of similar ones out get that code.)
I paired these with my NYE Blazer , White button up and Wangs.This is from a Congrats party.

P.s Day [of ]major is getting a new face lift. I have contacted a Blog template designer . So I hope to have a less generic Template. I will be keeping it clean and simple still Stay Tuned!

Dont Forget to Shop [mY] Closet

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great weekend!!!!

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