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Jean Michel Cazabat - isola, pumps- Cali Botique-Shirt and Pants, Frugalnyc Necklace Asos  bracelet

 "Cause but it's normal to fall in love and get afraid
And it's normal to run out of the words to say
And it's normal but with me promise you're okay
It's normal don't get cold feet and walk away"

This is a Skye Townsend Song. She is Robert Townsend (Parent hood tv show) Daughter. Her voice is pretty dope. Her music is a little Euro Pop(Rih - We found love)  but man can she sing. The song is called its normal. Pretty dope. Check her Youtube for more songs and EP link.  

So here are some key Instagram pics from Shopping to Outfits to Trips that I took while I was gone. I love Instagram as do the millions of others who use it. Something about the filters that make everything look pro haha. I have had a Blast these 2 months and I regret not Blogging about it.Its starting to get warmer too now so I am definitely going to be out more. 

Also next week I am going to Panama. That is where my Father is from. I am so excited to see where he grew up. I also can not wait to be by the beach and pool and sheesh out of the US lol. I will take a bunch of pictures too. Follow my Twitter guys  (Link to the  left) I will be posting pics on there via Wifi. (Nobody has time for International Roaming charges) Oh Mavens !!!!! Check the hotel I am staying at -> Hotel Riu Plaza .   
I got a really good rate for 7 days using my travel agent. You can  Tweet Them or Visit their site . I totally recommend them. I'm telling you under 2k for a 4 star hotel plus airfare type good deal. This is not a sponsored post or anything I just wanted to pass a deal along.  It won't get you or I a discount or anything but tell them you saw it on my blog so I can get cool points hahaha.
Anywho, I will tell you more about my upcoming trip in a future post : ) . So for now, take a look  down below at my insta-shots. I tried to explain each pic in the caption.

H and M haul(Had to hit them while on my online shopping Lent hiatus )

 Cant tell me this isn't cute. A dog is walking his buddy ^_^
 Added  some highlights to my hair :)  The necklace is from FrugalNyc Great site!!!

 Celebrating The 7th District New Position with Diva State of Mind  at Recess Food is amazing.

 Denim Vest-/Pants- Hudson/ Shirt - Urban Outfitter/Belt- H and M/Necklace Topshop/ Went to the Coupe Dc for Dinner (24hrs Restaurant Hip Environment Recommended)

 (Vintage -Hear t- Spikes F21 - Asos Cross Bead Bracelet - Cheapo -watch Amazon)

 Riding on my weekend trip
 Ice Cream Paint Job hehe
 St.Pattys Day Party- Real Fur vest , Teal Shirt and Belt -Thrifted / Kenneth Cole-Watch Betsey Johnson -Crossbody No name - Thigh High Boots - Basic Leggings

 Day before Easter riding to the mall. Walter Baker -W118 Leather sleeved trench coat- Topshop Necklace
 Blogshop/Thrifted Fur coat. It was sooooo Warm. It is real fur sorry for my Peta Mavens.
 Vintage- Shirt- Arm Party- Varies ,Necklace - Zara and F21-Sequined Pants F21 years ago. Went out Presidents day w/the bestie great time at Opera.
Weekend Trip Collage. Great time with a close one ;) Kimpton Hotels I love!!!

 Awesome meal at Sala thai on U st. I totally forgot the name of it. It was in Thai but it was Awesome
 Valentines Day- Someone surprised me. It was a crazy night. But before the crazy he poured his feelings out for me that couldn't take me off my high. BOOM

Last but not least the last H &M score . I shopped the 50% off sale stuff sale. All this for like $49.

Anywho Happy Tuesday Mavens


  1. OMG I saw that sale & I was like no save your $ & now after seeing this I'm sad :( Oh well I'm gonna have to live through you & your new purchases lol

  2. MAM!!! I am Officially going to look out for these sales now. I went to the White flint mall its not a very busy mall and the sale selection was AMAZING! I basically paid for a blazer and got all that stuff free lol I will be sure to tweet you when I hear about a new one.


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